How to Make Money taking Pictures: Event Photography

How to Make Money taking Pictures: Event Photography

An Event Photographer is someone who takes high quality photographs in premium resolution of people and places related to a particular event. These events can be anything from a bride and groom practicing their wedding at a wedding rehearsal to the awe inspiring sights of Mother Nature in a dense forest at the local national park. An Event Photographer may also find some prospecting clients at a local auto show downtown. Perhaps a car owner would like an Event Photographer to take images of their sports car to post on their social media page. Or maybe a car owner would like an Event Photographer to take a high quality photo of their car to sell and post in advertisements in the local community newspaper or Facebook page. As an Event Photographer, you may want to invest in a high quality camera such as the Nikon Coolpix P900, in order to create high quality images. No one wants to pay for poor quality images with horrible resolution of their birthday party, for example. If your event photography services prove to be popular, you may want to consider opening up your own photography business and have employees and clienteles work together, for you.


How to Make Money as a Teenager during Summer Break: Lawn Maintenance

How to Make Money as a Teenager during Summer Break: Lawn Maintenance

Doing lawn maintenance or lawn work such as cutting the grass, trimming the bushes, and pruning the rose bushes for your neighbors and your neighboring communities can possibly net you a decent sized income. You may even form your own lawn care business and hire employees to work for you while you sit back in your chair at the office and write paychecks all day. Lawn maintenance for a teenager who just got out of school for summer break is an excellent way to make some premium cash. For example if you do lawn maintenance during the warmer summer months, then home owners may be willing to pay you more money since they may not want the ones to out there sweating. You may be the one out there sweating and working on the lawn, but at the end of the day, you are also the one who is getting paid. Usually if you bring your own lawn equipment then you could get away with charging more for your services since you are using your own lawn equipment. It is only fair since it is your equipment you will be using instead of the homeowner’s equipment. Now, if you use the home owner’s lawn equipment such as the lawn mower and leaf blower, then the home owner or property owner may pay you less amount of money compared to if you provided your own lawn equipment. Lawn care is a great money making machine for the teenager who is on summer break from high school.


NASA Cancels Space Station Live due to Flat Earth Awareness

NASA Cancels Space Station Live due to Flat Earth Awareness

Due to the overwhelming evidence of the flat earth, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) the federal government agency of the USA put in charge to lead a false space exploration program world wide to deceive the masses, will be discontinuing NASA Television’s (NASA TV) Space Station Live program in August and will stop the program altogether beginning September 1st.

That means since all these decades in NASA’s existence and all the hundreds of billions of dollars from tax paying Americans, they have not only failed at airing any continuous 24/7 live stream of anything in fakeness of space, but they can’t even keep their 30 minute Space Station Live program running while legally stealing 60 million dollars per day from tax paying Americans! And just so you know, the only reason they turn off the cameras during the ISS Live Stream footage is because NASA is either switching views to a different high altitude plane that is faking the ISS footage that we the sheeple are getting or the earth’s terminator line is approaching and they can’t simulate the terminator line of the earth…so it only makes sense to give us the blue screen of death.

The Space Station, also known as the International Space Station (ISS) is a joint cooperation to portray a false narrative to the general public between;

The Netherlands
United Kingdom
United States of America

Beginning in early 2014, the flat earth awareness had begun to manifest in ways unimaginable. Flat earth truth seekers were writing books, making YouTube videos, tweeting short flat earth evidence on Twitter, and informing their friends on Facebook of all the lies NASA has brainwashed you with since the first day you were born. NASA won’t be able to hide behind their lies for long. And even with fiscal year budgets of tens of billions of dollars NASA is still unable to put a 24 hour live stream of anything in what we are taught as space. It doesn’t matter if it is the ISS, the moon, or one of their 10’s of thousands of satellites that they tell us are zipping around up there. With all those billions of dollars they can’t even afford to put a 24 hour video camera of anything let alone a 30 minute space program running in what we are told is space, all NASA can do is film each other parading around in monkey suits and showing off their stuffed animals…owls anyone? It is much more feasible and less expensive to launch tethered satellites to high altitude balloons rather than taking the satellites up via a rocket. NASA and all the other “space” agencies know this, that is why they use this whole “space exploration” gig as a money making machine. The satellite program has always been a balloon program. Don’t take my word or someone else’s word…do your own research people.

NASA thinks they can dodge the lies in the short term that are now becoming known mainstream, however they will fail in the long term as their lies are exposed and the realization of the frauds that they are. Its a real shame that we live our lives under lies from birth to death. Its a real shame that NASA is pocketing all of our hard earned tax money that we shouldn’t even be shelling out to any bankcorrupt government in the first place, its our money, not theirs. Imagine what exploration the government of this world are doing and are not sharing with us…exploring nearby puddles such as ours on the infinite plane, exploring the great deep below us, and even exploring the polar vortex in the center/north of our puddle which I believe is also the entrance to the bottomless pit. It’s almost over for NASA, and they know it…which is also why they plan on “selling the ISS” to a “private space company” and then watch what will happen next…the private space company that doesn’t even exist will all of a sudden decide to scrub the whole ISS and…there goes 150 billion of our tax paying dollars…right down the money drain.

We need to be recording everything NASA gives us and scrutinizing it with a fine-toothed comb.

Check out NASA’s full press release here;

NASA Budget’s…this is how much money NASA legally steals from Americans each year;


How to Make Money at Home as a Housewife: Host Successful Garage Sales

How to Make Money at Home as a Housewife: Host Successful Garage Sales

Garage sales can be a quick and easy method of making a decent amount of money, that is, if you have a decent amount of items that people will want to purchase from you. Before I have any garage sales myself, I will usually go to other people’s garage sales and try and barter with them, getting the best deal for myself so I can later sell that same item at my own garage sale at a higher price, netting me a small, but decent profitable income.

By having garage sales, you are also able to do some indoor spring cleaning and get rid of either old items that you don’t use anymore, or clothing that may not fit you. Before I have my own garage sale, I may sometimes coordinate with my fellow neighbors to have a neighborhood wide garage sale, trying to draw in a much customers as possible. You should treat your garage sale in your front yard as your own business. Your are the business owner and your neighbors are competitors. You have to be careful, as your neighbors could also be your competitors if they are selling similar items that you are selling but at a cheaper price. Then again, having multiple neighbors each hosting their own garage sale all at once will draw in even more customers than you would have by yourself with only your garage sale in your neighborhood.

Another method of attracting more customers to your garage sale is to strategically place garage sale signs throughout the neighborhood and city streets, such as popular intersections with a high amount of traffic volume. The strategy of garage sale sign placement is every bit as important as your bartering skills when a customer of yours requests a price quote on one of your garage sale items. Remember to treat your garage sale as your own personal business and your neighbors as your closest competitors even though they drive in more customers to your own garage sale business.


How to Make Money Riding your Bike: Start a Bicycle Trolley Business

How to Make Money Riding your Bike: Start a Bicycle Trolley Business

A bike trolley is one of those bicycle carts that you see someone either running in front of a cart (pulling the bicycle cart behind them) or sitting on a front seat and pedaling a bicycle (propelling the bicycle cart either behind them or in front of them). Someone who has their own bicycle trolley or bike trolley business can potentially earn a decent income. Some opportune times to operate a successful bike trolley business could be during sporting events or car shows for instance. The passengers of the bike trolley will usually sit higher than the bike trolley operator in order to have a commanding view of down town attractions for example. If you have a bicycle and want to make easy money and have that entrepreneur mindset that all successful business owners have, consider starting your very own bicycle trolley business. It doesn’t matter if you live in the big city or in a rural town, either location can bring reoccurring clientele to your growing bicycle trolley business.


How to Make Money Fast as a College Student: Make Extra Money Babysitting Children

How to Make Money Fast as a College Student: Make Extra Money Babysitting Children

Babysitting children can be an extremely rewarding experience for both the college student and the older teenager and young adult in high school. By babysitting children, not only are you helping out the parents of the children whom you are babysitting, but you are also earning an additional income that you would have otherwise might not have had. Remember, multiple income streams is a good thing. Babysitting children could also be used as added job experience on your professional resume when you apply for future jobs, both in the commercial sector and the corporate sector. Even industrial type jobs require some sort of career experience on your resume. You may even, if the desire is there of course, want to start your own babysitting company and pay other people to work for you, and then they along with you can be babysitting the children and earning even more money than you thought was possible.


How to Make Money Fast as a Teen: Walk Dogs for Money

How to Make Money Fast as a Teen: Walk Dogs for Money

When I was younger, one of my first quick and easy money earning jobs that I could do at my teenager age was to walk the neighborhood dogs around the block. I would walk some of my neighbors’ dogs in the mornings before school or after school Monday through Friday, while during the weekends and summer vacation I would be available to walk some of my neighbors’ dogs all day long. I was not getting paid a whole lot, especially compared to what I make now while blogging and writing books. Then again, a few dollars in my pocket today was a fortune back then for myself.

When I was walking the neighborhood dogs, I begin to create simple schedule’s for each of my neighbor’s whom I was walking their dog. If there were any of my neighbors who were on my way from my home from my bus stop, then that would give me another customer or client, to walk their dog. If the dogs were friendly with other dogs and people, then I would occasionally walk multiple dogs at once, killing two birds with one stone so to speak. Not only is walking dogs around the block fun, but with a little extra money in my pocket that I didn’t already have before was an added bonus!


Flat Earth Evidence: The Wandering Stars are NOT the Planets

Flat Earth Evidence: The Wandering Stars are NOT the Planets

So I was looking up at the wandering stars that are moving in the night time sky one clear evening when a blabbering globe-twat blurted out…

“Dude, they’re satellites!”

I was like…

“Right Copernicus…that moving star right there is a satellite…LMFAO!!! GTFO!!!”

And then I remembered that unlike that blabbering globe-twat, I own a highly successful website that receives a Godly amount of organic traffic and thought this would make for an excellent blog post and gain high exposure to information that needs to be released to the unaware.

So lets get down to business shall we…

Our ancient ancestors from times past used to look up at the night time sky like many stargazers like us flat earthers and think to themselves…

“Why are most of the stars stationary?”
“Why are some stars moving?”
“Why are some stars moving faster than others?”
“Why are some stars not moving at all?”
“Why are there flashes of light in the night time sky that seemingly appear out of nowhere?

Our ancient ancestors actually questioned what they were seeing…unlike us, where we’ll believe anything the twats on television show us.

And we ask ourselves…what exactly were our ancestors seeing?

When you take an hour out of your busy social life of gossip wars, comment trolling, cult meetings, and presidential selections and you look up at the night time sky, what do you see moving in ways that differ from everything else you see?

Ignore the obvious chem-planes, black helicopters, and the occasional FBI drone that is spying on you…for your “safety” of course.

What is roughly the same size and brightness as the stationary stars and planets, but is either moving slowly or blazingly fast?

What looks like a wandering star?

The first thing you need to do if you are someone who just believes anything that makes you feel good is to first stop kidding yourself.

The second thing you need to do is to ignore and throw out all that brainwashing garbage that your religious teacher taught you during science class.

We all took the same classes as one another so don’t think that just because someone has come to the realization that the Earth is flat, that the person is somehow less intelligent than his fellow student counterpart who thinks like Neil deGrasse Tyson thinks…that the world is pear shaped.

You need to remember, we both took the same classes and received the same education as the next person.

Now…setting aside the fact that most physicists like their balls “pear shaped” Look back up into the night time sky again and what do you see?

Look harder this time and give enough time, roughly an hour or so, for your eyes to adjust properly.

Think for a moment…what do you see?

You are witnessing the following…

Stationary Stars – What we were taught are distant suns, but are actually created beings and receive their energy from another dimension.

Planets – Which I believe are actually the seven vials of God’s Wrath, which I will be covering in a future blog post.

Shooting Stars – What we were taught are micro-grain particles of dust traveling at a godzillian miles per hour that seem to always miss the International Fake Station. I think shooting stars may either be living entities or pieces of the firmament that have broken off and are now falling to the plane of the flat earth and being molten and vaporized by the extreme magnetic heat in the thermosphere.

Slow Moving Stars – What we are told are satellites, but we now know that those are the angels of old like the bible speaks about, and are not satellites since we now know that satellites are tethered to high altitude balloons and are launched and usually retrieved in mid air from and above the Antarctica ice ring that surrounds the circular plane of the flat Earth.

Blinking Stars – What we were told are satellites flipping, turning, and doing the cosmological polka while zipping around in the non-existent vacuum of space.

Flashing Stars/Light – These things occur by what seems like when random stars in the night time sky flash brightly and quickly for just a split second. Sometimes you will even witness flashes of light from the pitch blackness in the night time sky above your head with no others stars nearby that specific location and other times you will witness flashes of light coming from stars themselves.

What you are witnessing is what our ancestors have viewed all along…

You are witnessing…

The Wandering Stars!

Jude 1:13

“Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame; wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever.”

A few popular believes floating around inside the open minds of flat earth truth seekers that pertain to what exactly the night time stars are exactly, include;


Fallen Angels

The 20 Watcher Angel Leaders in charge of the remaining 180 Watcher Angel’s that rebelled in times past and before the Great Flood of Noah’s time.

– Robots or some sort of machinery that looks after and runs the factories and storehouses that are in the second heaven like the bibles speaks about.

Sentient Beings who have either ascended from the circular plane of the flat Earth, Descended from the second, third, and higher heavens, or quite possibly a whole different created type of being that we are able to view through the “molten looking glass” of the firmament like the bible speaks of.

Living Machines that are part created creature and part manufactured machine of some sort. These type of living machines would only function when a spirit lives inside of them, much like a physical body.

Luminaries like the book of Enoch speaks about in the bible. Luminaries are the angelic beings led by the holy angel Uriel who guides the Luminaries in their heavenly courses within the second heaven.

But I hear from the science sheep and from the scholarly academia of blundering studies that stars can’t possibly be created angelic beings…let alone, some type of Living Robotic Machine or even Robotic Machines in general otherwise our religious teachers would have told us plainly during science class…

“They’re gaseous balls of hydrogen and helium.” – says the “smart” scientist.

…there is that word “ball” again.

The science community just loves to remind everyone how much they cherish their pear-shaped helium-filled balls.

So there you have it.

A few nuggets to keep in mind…

  • You have been lied to all your life.
  • Your hard earned tax money is paying for the lies that you are learning in school.
  • Your hard earned tax money is paying for the lies that you are watching on the TELL-LIE-VISION
  • Don’t just believe something that makes you feel good.
  • Question everything.
  • The Wandering Stars are not “Satellites.”
  • Satellites are tethered to balloons.
  • The satellite program has always been a balloon program.
  • NASA is the biggest purchaser of helium.
  • The Wandering Stars are not the planets like the powers that be tells us they are.
  • The Wandering Stars are alive!

“The truth is so precious, its got to be protected with a bodyguard of lies.”Winston Churchill

*All Scripture is taken from the King James Version(KJV) of the Bible


How to Save Time as a Business Owner: Hire a Professional Web Design Company

How to Save Time as a Business Owner: Hire a Professional Web Design Company

Many business owners have a website that is catered to their specific line of work or manufactured product or service. By having a website, a business can use the power of the internet to reach a broader audience than they would have if they only catered to an offline audience of customers and various clientele. Creating a website can be a difficult and time consuming task for the untrained web developer and busy business owner. It is almost a guarantee that knowledge of some sort of computer coding or programming language will be required to even set up a basic run-of-the-mill website. You don’t just want to hire any web design company, there are many web design companies that cater to a specific website niche.

Before choosing a web design company however, you would need to consider which web hosting and domain hosting company that you will use to host your web files and registered domain name. There are many premium web hosting and domain name hosting companies to choose from to jump start your business venture, such as; Bluehost, HostGator, GoDaddy, DreamHost, 1&1, and 000webhost. After you have chosen which web hosting and domain hosting company you will be using, you will also want to consider what premium features the web hosting company offers out of the box. Features such as; unlimited domain hosting, PHP, MySQL, cPanel, and excellent customer service features should all be included by a trust worthy and well known web hosting company as your web design company who will build your website may use the specific features that your web hosting company offers your website.

By hiring a professional web design company, the business owner is now able to spend that same amount of precious time that would have been required to create a website to instead focus on other, more important priorities such as advertising the product or service that the business owner is selling or promoting.


How to Save Time when preparing Taxes: Hire a Tax Professional

How to Save Time when preparing Taxes: Hire a Tax Professional

I don’t know a single person who likes to prepare taxes every year. We all want our tax returns that are owed to us by the corrupted governments of this world; we just don’t like to prepare the returns ourselves. And why should we? Why should governments want to steal our money and why should we be forced to give it to them? Because they tell us that they’ve already spent what money they had, that is why the nations of this world are in such shambles and in so much monetary debt. And that is where a world class tax professional comes in handy. If you don’t prefer to prepare your own tax return statements with excellent computer programs such as; Intuit Tax Online, Intuit TurboTax, Intuit TurboTax Freedom Edition, or Intuit Money Manager, then tax preparation service companies such as H&R Block may be the next best option for you.

Tax professionals are professionally trained to prepare an individual’s tax returns each and every year. Tax professionals take the guess work out of the individual trying to abide by the newest so called “tax law” changes and additions. Depending on the tax company’s contract policies, they may or may not be held accountable for any tax return error if one is made. Tax professionals may also help to save you money…money that you wouldn’t know you were able to claim or earn on your tax return. Always seek the legal advice from a professional tax attorney and legal attorney who specialize in saving you both time and money in addition to preparing your tax returns the legal and proper way.