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All of the bible researchers are wrong! Noah was a giant!

All of the bible researchers are wrong! Noah was a giant!

The bible says “Noah was not a giant” … right? It says that? It says “Noah was not a giant?”


Ohhh…interesting ‘eh?

Since we now know that our Flat Earth was built from creatures from the bottom up then that means that Noah was a giant, Adam was a giant, you were even a giant in your previous lives. We were all giants in the infinite past. The deeper we dig the bigger things get. Creatures get bigger, plants and trees get bigger, machinery and other technologies get bigger, even dwellings get bigger the deeper we dig. Dirt is nothing more than dead skin cells. Mineral veins are simply ancient blood vessels. Australia is a massive heart complete with arteries, valves, and veins. Heck even the “iron” and red clay found in abundance in Australia is dead red blood cells. What mineral is the most abundant in blood…IRON.

Not only was Noah a giant but measurements in general need to be adjusted to suit the average dimensions of beings during a previous deluge.

For instance Noah’s ark. Noah’s ark was 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide, and 30 cubits tall. One cubit (the total length from the tip of the elbow to the tip of the middle finger) is about 18-21 inches. We will round that off to 19.5 inches…HOWEVER!!!…Things were bigger before the last flood (Noah’s flood) and even bigger before other floods/deluges, then we need to be adjusting our dimensions properly.

If Noah’s ark dimensions are…

300 cubits long x 19.5 inches = 5850 inches / 12 inches = 487.5 feet long
50 cubits wide x 19.5 inches = 975 inches / 12 inches = 81.25 feet wide
30 cubits tall x 19.5 inches = 585 inches / 12 inches = 48.75 feet tall

And since Noah was a giant…

Let us assume that Noah was twice our average height, so about 12 feet tall. That would make a cubit back then twice that of ours, so 19.5 inches x 2 = 39 inches. That would also make the dimensions of “a foot” to be 24 inches rather than our current 12 inches.

Let’s recalculate Noah’s ark dimensions…

300 cubits long x 39 inches = 11,700 inches / 24 inches = 487.5 feet long x 2 = 975 feet long
50 cubits wide x 39 inches = 1950 inches / 24 inches = 81.25 feet wide x 2 = 162.5 feet wide
30 cubits tall x 39 inches = 1170 inches / 24 inches = 48.75 feet tall x 2 = 97.5 feet tall

The ark would have been twice the size of what we thought it was. And that is only if Noah himself had an average height about twice of ours.

In the book of baruch and other historical manuscripts mentions that the body of Adam was taken aboard the ark and that Adam himself was 80 feet tall in some manuscripts all the way up to 100+ feet tall in other manuscripts. If the ark was only 487.5 feet long x 81.25 feet wide x 48.75 feet tall by our measurements then Noah would of had a pretty rough time maneuvering him into the ark wouldn’t you say?

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