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How to export a LibreOffice Writer document to PDF

How to export a LibreOffice Writer document to PDF

The free and open source LibreOffice desktop application by The Document Foundation is a wonderful tool to have in your software collection. The LibreOffice Writer App allows the user to easily create and export files to pdf format (Adobe’s Portable Document Format) straight from the application itself.

Converting documents into a print ready pdf format is great for sharing among colleagues, presentation purposes, online print on-demand ebook publishing, and school essay assignments just to name a few. Before you export any document to pdf format; however, you should always create a table of contents for ease of browsing and embed TrueType fonts and common system fonts in the document in order to preserve the integrity of the fonts you intended for the reader of the document to view.

To export a LibreOffice Writer document to pdf this is what you do;

1. Launch the LibreOffice desktop application.

2. Open a previously saved file. (Or you can always create a brand new file)

You can quickly open a file by either selecting from one of the recent files if any that appear on the LibreOffice application screen, dropping a document into the middle of the LibreOffice application screen where the giant version number is located, select the “Open File” button on the left tool bar, select “File” then “Open” from the top menu bar, or press “Ctrl + O” hotkeys on your keyboard.

Once you’ve successfully opened a document, go ahead and create the table of contents and embed all TrueType fonts and common system fonts.

After you’ve done that;

3. Export the document to pdf format by either;

– Selecting the “Export as PDF” button on the tool bar.
– Select “File” -> “Export as PDF” from the menu bar

The Export window will now appear and allow you to change the file name and save location.

4. Select “Save.”

Your document is now converted into the universal pdf format and is ready for presentation purposes.