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How to embed fonts in LibreOffice Writer

How to embed fonts in LibreOffice Writer

Embedding fonts in any document prior to printing the document or exporting the file to pdf format is always a good idea if you wish to preserve the integrity of the fonts you chose so the printer you print the document from will print the exact fonts you chose regardless of the printer’s properties or if you are going to share your document with a reader then the reader of your document will see the exact same fonts regardless of the font styles the reader has on their computer or mobile device.

This is how you embed fonts in a LibreOffice Writer document;

1. Launch the LibreOffice desktop application.

2. Open a previously saved file or create a brand new document (by selecting the Writer app on the left tool bar).

3. From the menu bar select “File -> Properties…”

The Properties window of your document will appear.

4. Select the “Font” tab.

5. Underneath “Font Embedding” check the check box that says “Embed fonts in the document”

6. Select “OK”

That’s it. Now all of the fonts in your LibreOffice Writer document are now embedded and your document is now ready to be exported to PDF format and printed from the printer of your choice.