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What wheel size is the best for Mountain Bikes?

What wheel size is the best for Mountain Bikes?

There are three main different wheel sizes to choose from when you are shopping around for a mountain bike. They are the 26in. diameter wheel, the 27.5in. diameter wheel also known as the 650B, and there is the 29in. diameter wheel.

The 26er is great for quick acceleration and high maneuverability, especially for downhill competitions; however, since the angle of approach is smaller than the other two wheel choices, riders may have a more difficult time riding over rougher terrain. This particular wheel size is also the slowest of the three wheel choices.

The 29er is great for speed; however, its acceleration is quite dismal. Since its angle of approach is the tallest of the other two wheel choices, the 29er rolls over rough terrain quite easily. Bike riders with longer feet or shoes may notice that the tips of their shoes will occasionally touch the back of the front wheel during turns. So in that regard you may want to downsize slightly with either the 27.5 or the 26 if you don’t require a lot of speed.

The 27.5er also known as the 650B is the best of both worlds. Its acceleration is good and its speed is quite high. The angle of approach is less than the 29er; however, it is higher than the 26er.

The final wheel choice for your mountain bike all depends on the type of bike rider you are and what type of bike will be using said wheel choice.

For bike commuting and even cross country I would recommend the 29er and for downhill or moderate trail riding I would recommend the 27.5.

My favorite is hands down the 26er for the lighter weight and the higher agility that comes with it.