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The Respiratory System Deception

The Respiratory System Deception

I had orignially posted this theory I have been tossing around in my head over on Facebook; however, things tend to…disappear over there.

So, without further ado…

Here is a theory I have been postulating… So, bird lungs don’t expand and contract like mammal lungs do; however, birds have wings. I am thinking that…lungs, wings, oxygen, wind, and the holy spirit all have something in common. For example; (we spirits residing inside of flesh bodies have lungs that expand and contract instead of wings on the earth) & (spirits residing inside of celestial bodies have wings with lungs that don’t expand or contract). Spirits residing in flesh bodies and spirits residing in celestial bodies must breath in the holy spirit/oxygen/wind to stay alive. On the earth we must breathe in the holy spirit/oxygen/wind to stay alive. The spirit(holy spirit) gives life. Our lungs expand and contract on the earth each time we breathe in and out the holy spirit/oxygen/wind which signifies the motion of wings gracefully moving on a celestial body.

Some ideas to ponder…

– Our organs are on the inside of our bodies(worlds)
– The Earth’s organs are on the outside of its body
– The continents are the Earth’s organs
– The worlds framed by the word of God could possibly be… “us”
– Our “continents” / organs are on the inside of us

The Earth could be a living organism/building/altar.

And yes, I am rolling with the idea that the terms “oxygen” and the “wind” is an attempt by the educators/elite to hide the possibility that oxygen and the wind could in fact be the holy spirit.

And my favorite tag line…

Happy Thinking!!!