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The Satellite Program is a Balloon Program

The Satellite Program is a Balloon Program

The space agencies across the world have only been put into place as money-grabbing machines. Whether we are talking about the fraudulent NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), the ESA (European Space Agency), JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), etc…take your pick, every space agency only exists to collect the citizen’s tax money to help fund the country’s real explorations. Their rocket programs are nothing more than a disguise as to what is really going on across our vast plane we call Earth.

The space agencies, they launch their rockets, which do not carry anything other than rocket fuel and top secret documents they wish to get rid of, into the air and control them over the oceans and then either explode the rockets in midair or crash them into the ocean where the rockets would explode underneath of the water.

Where are the satellites then…you may ask.

Satellites do exist; however, not exactly as what we have been led to believe.

The satellites are data collection machines that collect valuable data from the weather, the citizens on the ground, and even from other craft that fly above our vast, flat plane. The satellites start off by being built by good and honest hard working men and women who work for real companies. Once fully assembled, the satellites are then loaded onto either large transport aircraft or transport ships and are taken to the Antarctic Ice Ring that surrounds our Earth puddle. Once at “Antarctica” the satellites are then transported via large hovercraft, semi-truck tractors, or large transport aircraft and are taken further into the Antarctic Ice Ring. The satellites are then dropped off at a launching station where only a handful of top secret employees tether the satellites to massive helium filled balloons. The massive helium filled balloons lift the satellites dozens of miles above our flat plane and up into the fast moving thermal air currents where the high altitude balloon-tethered satellite will be taken aloft and ride the thermal air currents in circuits above our flat plane for several months, years, decades, etc…depending on the size of the helium filled balloon.

Most of the time, the satellites and helium balloons that they are tethered to are invisible to the naked eye; however, as the distance between the satellite/balloon and the sun increase then the density and buoyancy of the helium filled balloon will start to reverse and gradually begin to decrease in altitude where you may…if you know what to look for, have a chance to catch a glimpse of the massive contraption.

Do the satellites and balloons stay up there forever?

Like I mentioned previously, the high altitude balloon-tethered satellites could ride the thermal air currents in circuits for several years; however, when the helium reaches a certain depletion value, the weight of the satellite will gradually pull the helium filled balloon downwards and begin to decrease in elevation, in which case, large transport aircraft such as airplanes and even helicopters would have to be dispatched to the air and catch (via extended hooks) the cable which tethers the satellite to the helium filled balloon. The satellite would then either be recommissioned to a new helium filled balloon and taken back aloft or decommissioned altogether and replaced with a brand new satellite.

So your satellite tell-lie-vision company, your satellite phone company, your satellite internet company, etc…use a combination of communication towers located on the ground and high altitude balloon-tethered satellites that fly aloft above our heads even now.

The Satellite Program always has been and always will be a Balloon Program.


– Be a self-thinking human
– Don’t pay your teacher to think for you
– Don’t pay your pastor to think for you
– Don’t let anyone think for you

We are each fearfully and wonderfully made…it’s time that we start acting like we are.