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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Is More Government Better?

In the ever increasing world of government control, we are seeing a rise in surveillance control and manipulative effects of a society that is being puppeteerd by governments around the world. The United States of America for example, has seen a steady rise in government

Design Websites for Mobile User’s First?

When designing a personal or professional website, forum, or blog can be a lot of work, especially since in today’s world that majority of online users are now browsing the web via smart phones and other mobility devices. When ever a personal or professional website,

AcuRite 00325 Home Comfort Monitor Review

The AcuRite 00325 Home Comfort Monitor is a fantastic little miniature weather station perfect for the home. My review product of the AcuRite 00325 Home Comfort Monitor came with a magnetic backing enabling the device to be placed on the front of a refrigerator or

Officemate OIC Incline Sorter Review

The Officemate OIC Incline Sorter by Officemate International Corporation, is a convenient office product that neatly stores and sorts a variety of office paper work, notes, and other documented supplies. According to the label on my Officemate OIC Incline Sorter the product is made in

Microsoft Xbox One Review

I have always been a fan of Microsoft’s video game entertainment consoles since the original Xbox which was released on November 15th, 2001. The latest iteration of the famous Xbox is no exception. Technology has come a long way in the past decade recently. We

Battery Operated O2 Cool Portable Fan Review

If you ever wanted a small a portable fan that you could take with you on vacation trips and camp outings, then look no further than the handy battery operated O2 Cool Portable Fan. My review unit came inclosed inside a well sealed box which

Sanyo VPC-S880 Digital Camera Review

The Sanyo VPC-S880 Digital Camera is a remarkable piece of hardware. When I was searching for a decent digital camera recently, I began shopping and researching online and offline various digital camera manufacturers and retailers, one such digital camera manufacturer was Sanyo. Sanyo has been