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How to downgrade LibreOffice versions

How to downgrade LibreOffice versions

When using The Document Foundation’s opensource LibreOffice desktop app, you basically have two or three versions to choose from. The “Fresh” version is the latest of all the LibreOffice versions and contains the most features. This particular version is recommended for technology guru’s and self-teachers like myself. I love the Fresh version due to the fact that I am able to play around with all the latest and greatest bells and whistles available for LibreOffice users. If you are a technology enthusiast then this particular version may be the route for you to go.

The “Still” version is the most stable of all the LibreOffice versions; however, it also contains the least amount of features. This version is less buggy and is recommenced more for the business sector employed in a business setting such as corporate offices and schools.

There are also the “Obsolete” versions which cover everything below the Still version. The Obsolete LibreOffice versions are no longer supported as there have been numerous patches implemented and bugs fixed.

I sometimes find myself wanting to use the Still version on certain computers after I have downloaded the Fresh version for the very same reasons mentioned above. If you have the Fresh version and wish to downgrade to the Still version you are going to have to completely uninstall your currently installed Fresh version first and then download the Still version after that. To do that, this is what you do;

1. Take a backup of your files and make note of any changes you made to your Fresh LibreOffice version.

You do this so you are able to reapply the changes once you install the Still version.

2. Launch your computer’s control panel.

You can do this by either selecting the Start button or Windows button on the bottom left of your desktop or simply pressing the Windows key on your keyboard. Simply begin typing “control panel” and the control panel desktop app will appear.

3. Select “Add/Remove Programs.”

4. Find your installed LibreOffice version

5. Select LibreOffice

6. Select Uninstall.

Your current version of LibreOffice is now uninstalled. You may have to restart your computer for the uninstallation process to fully complete.

Now you are going to want to browse over to the download page on the official LibreOffice website. Simply locate the latest Still version and select the correct download for your computer’s operating system. After running a security scan of the download link, simply follow the installation wizard to install the most stable LibreOffice version.