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What is the ISS? – Theory

What is the ISS? – Theory

The ISS (International Space Station) is a false narrative perpetrated by space agencies across the plane and led by a team of scientists at NASA.

The ISS is not some machine floating around in a vacuum.

The ISS is a sentient being, aka a “transformer” that appeared over the Earth during the late 1990’s and the world powers needed a cover story to feed to the public.

The ISS is a transformer just like the sun, moon, etc…it simply looks the way it does to us because it is more physical than the sun and the moon.

The sun and the moon are more metaphysical than the ISS since they are farther away from us (the observers).


Are we living in a Metaphysical Reality? – Quick Theory

The overall structure and shape of the ISS that we see broadcasted to us on tv and the internet was devised via several models after numerous observations of the transformer.

The models of the “ISS” are submerged inside of gmo’d water where the scubanauts perform their space walks.

The ISS Live productions and various other skits performed by disney-controlled NASA are masonic rituals used to please the multidimensional controllers who oversee the ISS program.