Are we living in a Metaphysical Reality? – Quick Theory

Are we living in a Metaphysical Reality? – Quick Theory

Regarding the distance between the sun and the moon depends on the location of the observer on Earth.

Think multi-dimensional manifestations…rainbows, rain, clouds, etc…

The higher up you go is when the property of physics falls a part and metaphysics starts to take over.

Picture this…You’re in a plane and look out the window…everyone down there is more physical then you and the plane; however, you and the plane are more physical than everything above you.

The sun, moon, Rahu, Ketu, and all the other celestial beings up there whether in the visible light spectrum or in the non visible light spectrum were placed “inside” of the firmament, not “underneath” of it.

The firmament is heaven…a metaphysical barrier between realities.

The firmament doesn’t have to be “up” …it could be all around us…aka the “aether.”

The “sun” and “moon” are “in” the “aether” aka the firmament.

They are as close to and far away from the observer as they need to be at any given time.

So next time you conduct a flat earth experiment and launch a high-altitude balloon and the balloon pops…what if the balloon didn’t pop due to pressure fluctuations, but instead rather, it was beginning to traverse dimensions.

Happy Thinking!!!