The Enochian Titans were Us!

The Enochian Titans were Us!

If my theory about the whole “Being Born Again” idea is what I think it is…

Being Born Again versus Being Saved – My theory behind this twisted religious deception

…and since we now know that mountains were not only giant trees and plant life but also the Enochian titans, then I can only come up with one conclusion.

The Enochian Titans were Us!

And if that is the case, then my next question is this…

Since our current mountains were the Enochian Titans (us) and I am sure there were “mountains” back in that day, then “who” were those mountains?

Were they us too?

From what age are they from?

How many deluges has the Earth had to endure?

“Noah’s flood” might have been the last flood, but it sure wasn’t the first.

God only knows how old this place is. The Earth could be closer to infinite than we suppose.

You have to remember…it’s all symbologies and metaphors if it makes us feel uncomfortable.

Happy Thinking!!!