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Top 5 Reasons why WordPress is the BEST Blog Software

Top 5 Reasons why WordPress is the BEST Blog Software 1. OPEN SOURCE Nothing gets better for a blog webmaster to be using a popular open source publishing platform such as the WordPress software that is used by millions around the world. Open Source means

How to Add a new Category in WordPress

Adding a new Category using the WordPress software can be a little tricky for the first time WordPress administrative user. Below we will help guide you through the process that involves nothing more than access to the administrative control panel, also known as the Dashboard

What are Plugins?

Plugins are software modules that enable more features on a forum. Having to many Plugins though can mean a bad guy has more backdoors available to gain access to your website files. When I decide to choose which Plugins I want to install on my

What is a Freelancer?

In short, a Freelancer is an individual or a group of individuals who promote and advertise their knowledge, skills, and abilities, to small or large businesses, companies, major corporations, and limited liability companies that require a job related work assignment to be completed, designed, or

Design Websites for Mobile User’s First?

When designing a personal or professional website, forum, or blog can be a lot of work, especially since in today’s world that majority of online users are now browsing the web via smart phones and other mobility devices. When ever a personal or professional website,

Why are Forum UPDATES Important?

The difference between experienced and amateur Forum Owners, can be decided between who thinks how important constant software updates can be in running a successful forum. When a new forum update is out, it may or may not be the wisest of decisions to update