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When to use Cheat Codes in Video Games

When to use Cheat Codes in Video Games Sometimes video game players just need to activate a particular cheat code to help them either clear a particular level or replenish the ammo in a favorite particle beam gun. Though in some video games such as

How to Find MyBB Plugins, Themes, Translations, and Graphics

How to Find MyBB Plugins, Themes, Translations, and Graphics The popularity of running an open source forum is increasing with each passing day. More and more forum owners and webmasters alike are utilizing great opensource forum software such as MyBB, phpBB, and Simple Machines Forum

Chess Tactics: Open with Knight or Pawn

When deciding which chess piece to open with will usually depend on who your opponent is, their skill level, your skill level, and whether or not you are playing as white (offense) or black (defense). But in general, there are only two types of chess

Chess Tactics: Chess Piece Moves and Values

Chess is a tactical board game first derived thousands of years ago continued through the middle ages and in to the present day. A Chess board is a board of sixty four squares with thirty two black or darker colored squares and thirty two white

Microsoft Xbox One Review

I have always been a fan of Microsoft’s video game entertainment consoles since the original Xbox which was released on November 15th, 2001. The latest iteration of the famous Xbox is no exception. Technology has come a long way in the past decade recently. We

Minecraft – Methods of Base Fortification

MINECRAFT – How to Fortify Your BASE (And Build a Strong Defense) MineCraft is known as a sandbox or open world type of video game genre. Meaning that the player or players are able to go anywhere and do anything they set their minds on.

Amazon Game Studios Gains New Team Member

Eric Nylund joins Amazon Game Studios as the new Director of Narrative Design. Having, authored and laid the groundwork for various Halo and Gears of War lore and gaming back story, Eric Nylund will now lead the Narrative Design department within Amazon Game Studios. The

Desura Evolution – Introduction

What is Desura? Well, what is Steam for that matter? It’s nearly the same. App market, community, browser, network…what else could you want? It’s the same idea as Steam, with a different Set-up and network. So, if you have Steam, why get it? One reason,