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A love letter to all calcified pineal gland carriers

A love letter to all calcified pineal gland carriers

Dear Globe Bots,

It doesn’t matter how many galaxies, stars, planets, or moons you can see through your monoculared telescope…since there is no curve this place is FLAT.

This place was always flat and this place will always be flat.

“Yeah but flat earthers don’t even have a working map.”

At least in our maps North America doesn’t change in size.

“Yeah but explain gravity.”
“Yeah but tell me how the sun and moon works.”
“Yeah but what about the roundness we see of the moon.”

Listen up tithe giver…none of that matters. It doesn’t matter if anyone will ever be able to explain how those things above us would work on a flat earth. Since there is no curve…THIS PLACE IS FLAT!!!

It always was flat and it will always be flat.

Wave goodbye to oblateness and say hello to perspective. An original thought awaits you.

Because a demonic puppet creature once said;

“Be one with yourself you must. Only then master humility you will.”

*Cue the mic drop. I’m out.


Mr. Woke