Is outer space the creator’s soul? Quick Theory

Is outer space the creator’s soul? Quick Theory

One theory on what the universe could be is that it is the creator’s soul (mind, will, and emotions).

The fluid that is in space could be cerebral spinal fluid…the same fluid that is in our own heads.

Stars are neurons.

Shooting stars and “satellites” are neurons following neuron pathways.

Which leads credence to the electric universe theory.

Our own souls could be individual universes.

“We” are the creator’s manifested thoughts…and the Earth is his playground.

Celestial sky objects could act as hands on a clock.

The sun is the big hand.
The moon is the little hand.
The “planets” are even littler hands.

Rahu, Ketu, and the others are more hands on the celestial sky clock, just not in the visible light spectrum.


– The Gospel of Truth
– The Gospel of Thomas

You have to remember…

The Earth’s mountains are not the ancient remains of Enochian titans, otherwise the Crowley druids in seminary would have said so.