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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Otter Defender Kindle Case

The Otter Defender protective case is one of my favorite case coverings for any handheld mobile device. Fitting perfectly over the Kindle, it surrounds it with tough plastic casing. Upon receiving my Otter Defender, the instructions were simple and straight forward. Taking apart the case,

Kindle Fire HDX 7in

The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX is hands down one of my favorite mobile devices I have ever used. The product I am using is the seven inch version. Amazon has down a fantastic job at the creation and manufacturing of this beautiful tablet. The seven

Onn 7ft Network Cable

If you want a network cable that out performs the competition, look no further than Onn’s line up of network cables. Lets face it, networks, wired or wireless, will require at least one network cable of some sort. Whether that be from a wall to