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Digital Distribution and the Facts!

The modern society is build on a lots of thing. If we look back to the 80’s and guess what they thought earth would look like 2010. We though we would have invented the flying vehicle, robot assistances, weird space-looking clothes. (Yeah I’m kinda referring

Business Systems Arn’t Just For Millionaires

When I mention business systems to you, what comes to mind? Do you think of an IBM mainframe computer sitting in a big room in the middle of your building? Do you think of expensive, highly specialized software? That’s what many small business owners imagine.

Living Life “In The Fast Lane?”

3OH!3 – I’m Not The One + Lyrics I love this song, it has reminded me of many good years that have came my way. As one grows througout the years learning by experience and instruction, one must take into consideration that living a steadfast

0 A.D. Wildfire Games

0 A.D. … A Wildfire Game Gameplay Features – Unique civilizations: In 0 A.D. each civilization will be unique in its appearance, units, structures, and technology trees. – Citizen soldiers: There will be no standard villager unit. Instead, regular infantry and cavalry have not only

Age of Empires Online

Microsoft Heralds a New Age of Gaming With “Age of Empires Online” On the eve of gamescom 2010, the world’s largest consumer-oriented games showcase, Microsoft Corp. unveiled the newest addition to the famed “Age of Empires” franchise, “Age of Empires Online.” Gameplay Features – Familiar

Why I Still Play Pc Games

I remember I use to play bolo ball on my old pentium 1 pc many many years ago. I was a youngen then. Every day after school, inbetween homework and breaks, I would hop onto my own pc in my bedroom and play a few

Fable III: Infinite Money/Gold/Gift Glitch

Performing the glitch in Fable III is pretty simple. What it requires is just an additional controller for someone to jump in to the main character’s game. Follow the simple direction and players can have an infinite amount of money (999,999,999) and gifts in Fable